TuneIn access disappeared

  • 15 May 2024
  • 1 reply

For many years, we have enjoyed listening to local radio stations on Sonos via TuneIn.

A few days ago, I clicked on one of those periodic links to update our Sonos app.  In doing so, I lost access to TuneIn via Sonos.

Now, when I try to add TuneIn back to Sonos, TuneIn want to charge me $15.00 per month for its “premium” service.  Completely ridiculous.  I don’t want “premium” TuneIn service.  I am only interested in basic access to local radio stations.

Is basic TuneIn still available, or is there another way to stream local radio through Sonos?

1 reply

I would like to be able to add local radiostation’s stream URL directly but its not possible in the new app. Its been crippled.