Strange issue with Desktop App and volumes

  • 25 October 2022
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Yesterday my Sonos system developed a strange issue. From the desktop app (which I use a lot while working from home) I’m now no longer able to adjust the volume of different speakers independently. I have 3 ‘rooms’:

  1. Kitchen (a single Sonos One)
  2. Living Room (1 x Sonos One paired with 1 x Sonos One SL, 1x Sub (gen3)
  3. Hallway (a single Sonos One)

I used to be able to mute and adjust volume of these 3 rooms independently but now when I group them the volume and mute are greyed out. See picture attached (no idea why today hallway is deciding to be selectable). I suspect I’ve accidently pressed something in the iOS app but nothing jumps out when I look through it (I hardly ever use the app). 

Any help would be great, thanks all in advance!



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5 replies

Seem I should have searched before posting as the forum is full of this issue 😂 - apparently Sonos know and are working on it - just in case anyone reads this thread.

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And here is the thread with the official word from Sonos


Issue is fixed now on the pc app


Thank GOD they finally fixed this!!!  Shame on SONOS for not getting it fixed sooner.  This was ridiculous when a 3rd party app had it right (phonos universal)  And the OEM could not get it corrected.  Shame on you SONOS!!!  Was going to buy a pair of 5’s for a Basement setup.  But NOPE; Going with a Regular AMP and speakers now with a Cheap competitor controller that Is NOT SONOS.   Too much money spent on SONOS without support.  ….