• 4 October 2019
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So until this week I could ask Alexa to "Play BBC Radio on Kitchen" - 'Kitchen' being a Sonos Play 3. Now that I have to go through BBC Sounds Alexa no longer recognises the command to play through the Kitchen speaker, so I am left listening to the radio on my tinny Echo Dot.
Is this something Sonos can/are likely to fix?

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4 replies

Hi. No, Sonos won't be fixing this, because they can't. This results from action by the BBC.
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There is a newer blog - even though the older one is still growing at over 1200 posts now.
I would suggest commenting at instead

Although you state Sonos "cant" fix it, the Sonos device itself can still play Tunein and supports favourites. The skill needs updating so that its possible to invoke a tunein station or favourite on the Sonos regardless of Tunein being supported on the echo device processing the voice command.

Also what is the situation on Sonos One where Alexa is integrated?
There's a petition at to request that the BBC reverses this change with TuneIn – please sign and share.
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Solution here