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  • 10 April 2021
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Can someone please explain why there are constant and unending reminders to check for S2 compatibility on the apps? I am not a moron. I understood after the first check I cannot run S2. No matter how many times I am asked to check, no matter how many times i see a ridiculous notification, I will never discard perfectly good hardware. All this has done is provoke me to seek alternatives to Sonos which I am now implementing rather than make any further Sonia investments. But back on point, does anyone understand the reasoning behind this offensive behavior? Thank you.


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4 replies

I don't think anyone is asking you to discard any hardware, although I don't know exactly which message you are getting  

Have you actually run the check? If you go to System, System Tools in the S1 app is there a Compatibility Check tool? If so, run it. One of the options will be 'keep everything on S1' .


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Run the check? Um, every single time the app is updated you are forced to check to get rid of the annoying notification. How about a simple x to delete whether i check it or not. Almost as bad as Apple trying sneak you to opt in to 2 factor authentication- another disgusting practice. 

And Sonos will keep reminding you over and over and over forcing you to waste your time checking compatibility notwithstanding the fact you know S2 wont work. We know Sonos loaths its original customers -they’ve made that painfully clear. This is just one more waste of time hoisted on these folks though it does serve as a reminder to work your way off their platform.


And the only way to stop the maddening notifications is to migrate to S2-hence getting rid of fully functional hardware- but you know that.

Ah well. Better sell the Sonos then.

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No need to sell. Just shrink the footprint over time. Multizone amps and bluetooth speakers as products eventually fail or simply need to upgrade. Over course that doesn't address the point of my inquiry.