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End of Software Updates for Legacy Products

End of Software Updates for Legacy Products

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Just adding 2cents to the discussion.


Over 20 Sonos products.

Upgraded 6 Amps over Christmas.

Now Im told the three Connect:Amps I still have and two Play5 Gen1s need to be upgraded.


Dont use voice, lost my PC ability for settings, Android tablets now getting not supported. SO any new features the last 5 years haven't helped me enjoy my system. Actually mostly making it unenjoyable.

I have one Play1 on my worksite. Company network, no wifi. Only PC access to the speaker. Been running for five years. But cant even change settings. And couldn't add anything. Smart. Sure I can get out wireless router and other work arounds but your decisions show you could care less about old customers.


Not having a solution to have mixed system is crazy. But who am I to say, well I am a big customer and supporter.


I write software in the process control arena. Write my own products. I have rewritten a Visual C++/multiple c library dlls piece of software from scratch probably 4-5 times. Why? Because to make my product better. And that includes making things backward compatible and adding new features.

c why? Old as the hills. yes, but it allows me to encapsulate functions while updating the C++ gui. And yes C++ probably an older software system at this point. But you migrate and adapt as needed. During the rewrites, I often evaluate other approaches(software).

Point, come on, a little planning you can come up with solutions.


As of now you have isolated a good bit of your current base. Stuck behind the upgrade wall, will we want to buy new products? No. Upgrade new products, most likely No. Bad press so new customers arent going to join the ecosystem, Yes. Attacking Voice (Good decision) but should only affect new prodycts not the whole eco system. You are competing against much cheaper eco systems. SO new customers are going to got the Amazon, Google, Apple route. My younger niece and nephew dont have house. A simple Bluetooth speaker, cheap echo, etc will do them just fine. They want be joining the environment because of cost. They view music differently than current customer who grew up with stereo systems.

 Best product on the market in my opinion the last 10-15 years. And still is. But this software issue isn't going to do anything good for you. Just my humble opinion though.


Might want to rethink this, just sayin



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Just at a time when big business is trying to go more “green”, SONOS don’t care if our speakers are junk in a year or two :fearful:

I hate to admit and am ashamed of myself that his part of the equation did not come to mind when I first received email yesterday.  I was just thinking about the money.  Kind of makes me just as bad as SONOS.  Well accept for the fact that I have no desire to toss all my working equipment into a landfill.

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