Sonos Alexa stopped responding

Hi, I have a Sonos Move and 2 Sonos 1s around the house with Alexa which has been working fine for ages. Now when a say ‘Alexa, play BBCRadio 2’ she repeats the command but doesn’t turn it on. I have to use the App to start BBC Radio 2. When I say ‘Alexa, Stop’, the volume dips for my command but continues to play. I have to use the App to stop. I’ve turned the power off on 3 devices and restarted but it’s not fixed the problem! 
Help please….?


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I think you need the BBC Sounds Skill installed in the Alexa App to have that feature working with Sonos, so perhaps give that a try and see if it works for you.

Thanks Ken, I’ve discovered it's not responding to any radio station commands - BBC, Capital, Heart. She doesn't respond to ‘Alexa - Stop’ either...

Ah.... Solved…. After a phone call to Sonos they said that Amazon has moved a load of files around which has affected various control and voice commands. I suggest anyone having a problem, give them a call, they are always very good.