Alexa Routines on Sonos Move Speaker - Audio actions in routines are currently not supported on this device

  • 2 August 2020
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When I obtained my Alexa-Enabled SONOS Move speaker in 2019 I set up a routine for Alexa to say a greeting, give the weather, and play NPR News.  

  1.  It initially worked great.
  2. Then, after an upgrade by SONOS or Amazon, it played the “Audio actions in routines are currently not supported on this device” message, but then went ahead and performed the routine.
  3. Now following further upgrades the Move speaker only plays the “not supported” message and no routine.
  4. The routine plays just fine on my iPhone using the Alexa app so I presume the routine is good.
  5. Because I have so much Sonos hardware in my home I am running the S1 Sonos Controller on my devices.

    Does anybody have any suggestions or solutions to this little problem?
    Thanks much for any input!

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Hi @GTSeattle, thanks for reaching out and check this article about Controlling Sonos with Amazon Alexa for more information because Alexa Routines is not currently supported and we'd be happy to share this with the team. Just let us know if you need anything. We’re here to help. Thanks!