New App Sucks. Bring old app back ASAP.

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I want the old app back. Who the * designed and tested this app. I spend thousands of dollars on Sonos system in my house and now the app is terrible to the point I hate to open it. Took away so many basic and common features and provided nothing new. I cannot skip songs, I cannot add songs on the fly to the current list. This is insanely stupid update. Show me one existing user who is thrilled about this update. Please give me my old app back. 

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I've been a Sonos user for over 10 years, and this version is so awful! Most of the time, the app can't find my system! Then it can see only some components.  And I have no idea how to select music for a specific speaker! The album covers no longer appear! WTFx10!


I agree complety!!!!

I agree!

Bring back the old version of the app.

Then fire everone assiocated with the new version so we don't ever have a repeat of this disaster. 

Yes, 1000% we have a beam and to ones as speakers on our nightstands. At night we like to play the tv through the back speakers and mute the beam because our son is in the other side of the wall. The old app worked great. The new one switched off tv mode when trying to select my back speakers. Using the volume for the backs sometimes doesn’t work and I get no sound from them. Unchecking the bean doesn’t always mute it. The app is really broken and the old one worked just fine. Nothing was improved at all!


Yes!!!.  We want the old app back. 


App sucks horribly…slow to switch among systems, overly complicated…horrible!

rubbish sonos, my sub mini even failed to pair

grouped speaker experienced horrible lagging

no rollback plan? no bcp? no drp?


New app is not intuitive, overly cumbersome, slow when adding or making adjustments to my setup….there is a delay in synching. Horrible! Why the change?

Please someone tell us how to get the old app back!


Yes, tell us how...