Playbar 5GHz Channel Setting?

  • 12 March 2013
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Can anyone please tell me if I you can see/change the 5GHz channel the Playbar uses to communicate with rear Play:3s in the Sonos Desktop/iOS controller?

I've already got an Apple Airport 5GHz network setup, which most of my devices use & want to ensure that it's possible to ensure they're on distinct channels and avoid interference.

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5 replies

Playbar uses Dynamic Frequency Selection for its 5GHz Home Theatre communications to SUB and Surrounds.

This means that every so often when it's idle it will look around for an alternative channel.

This behaviour is in accordance with the regulations.
Playbars seem none too bright in their channel selection, they like Ch 36 which is Amazon's fire TV wifi remote. Also they fight for a channel with sky Q in the 40,44,48 set.

Anyway I best get back to trying to get sky Q and Sonos stable on the same network.
PLAYBAR searches for the best channel once an hour when idle. In the UK it's constrained into chs 36-48.

I have two AC/80MHz routers -- one with the primary channel at 36, one at 48 -- plus an Amazon Fire TV Stick. PLAYBAR's never had a problem. N routers/APs set to use a wide channel at 5GHz could cause issues since N doesn't do per-frame channel bandwidth adjustment like AC.
Sky q is competing for the same set of channels I suspect
The relevant forums are well stocked with issues about Sky Q.