Wireless in-ceiling speakers compatible with Sonos?

  • 11 November 2016
  • 2 replies

Are there any wireless in-ceiling speakers that are compatible with Sonos? Getting power up to my ceiling is easy enough, but having wires run all the way down a wall to a bridge will be a big project that I'd like to avoid.

Or, if it's ok with this forum, any non-Sonos alternatives that might help with my situation? I'd ideally like to have in-ceiling speakers all over my house connected to a single system via my Wi-Fi network or similar, without having them all physically wired together.

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2 replies

I don't know of any non Sonos ones - the problem is to build in the amp and the wireless and still leave them small enough for ceiling installation.

On the other hand, using Sonos play 1 units scattered around the home is a viable alternative if you can consider it. They just need to have a power socket close by, are discreet and therefore also easily placed and the sound quality delivered will be better than what any in-ceiling speaker can deliver simply by virtue of the former delivering sound horizontally to the ears.
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I'm sure there is a company that does enclosures for Play 1's that allows them to be mounted in a ceiling, try a google?