Will Sonos work for my party room?

  • 22 January 2019
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I have a very nice 5.1 surround system which I use for watching movies in my man cave. I entertain there - often. When entertaining I will usually play music via Apple TV streaming from the collection on my server. (I even have some of my favorite commercials, MTV promos, and clips of VJs from the 80s.) I often also will cast videos from my iPad to the Apple TV (like when we are doing Karaoke - and for Karaoke I run the audio out the headphone jacks and through a PA instead of my 5.1 speakers)
My parties often spill out onto my patio. I would like to be able to set speakers out there that can carry the music outside.
I tried using bluetooth, but the Apple TV makes me choose between HDMI to the receiver or bluetooth - never both at once.
I am suspecting that Sonos may be the way to do it, but I am concerned that if I try using Sonos with my Apple TV (or a replacement receiver) that it will be the same problem that I have with bluetooth; always be an either/or - never both.

I don't mid buying a new receiver nor do I mind buying a few more speakers - what I do mind is investing several hours in shopping, setting up, manual reading, and probably returning after finding out that it won't do what I want. Can anyone here save me some time?

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6 replies

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Hi Eric_Lo

If your receiver has an audio out you can send sound to a Sonos Connect via its Audio in.* You can then use a Sonos Play 5, Play 1 or Sonos One (the latter two most likely in stereo pairs) on your patio. All are moisture resistant (not water proof) so they can withstand humidity. Although I would not recommend leaving them outside on a permanent basis.

All Sonos components would be named as a Zone or Room to allow for stereo paring of like speakers (no mix/match) or grouping between any Sonos speaker/component. The speakers connected to your receiver would be active and your AppleTV connections to your receiver would not be affected.

Sonos requires that your router have a strong 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi frequency or you can use the SonosMesh (to mitigate wireless interference) by wiring a Sonos component directly to your router. An iOS or Android device is required for setup. Click the link for info on setting-up Sonos: https://www.sonos.com/en-us/support/setting-up-sonos

You can view info about the Sonos products I have mentioned at the link. Other features of note are:
1. Play 5 and Sonos One are Airplay2 compatible
2. Sonos non-airplay speakers (Play 1) can be grouped to the Play 5 or Sonos One to join the fun
3. Sonos One also offers Alexa voice assist.


* If your receiver has a spare Audio-in you can utilize the Audio out of the Sonos Connect to send music played through the Sonos controller on your iOS or Android device to the speakers connected to your receiver.

Thanks. Does Sonos offer any battery powered speakers? That would make placing them on my patio for parties alot easier.
No. While it's been discussed and requested ad nauseam, Sonos does not currently make any, nor have they given any indication that they plan to do so.
I can may my own I suppose....
There was a kickstarter a couple of years ago for such an add on to the PLAY:1, it looked like a base/coaster that the speaker sat on. It didn't get close to the goal, unfortunately.

If you decide to do something like what you linked, let us know how much time you get out of it in practical use....and be careful not to allow it to get rained on 🙂
Hmmm. I wonder if I'm misremembering a battery device with this device: