Whole house audio: how to incorporate existing receiver/TV/wired soundbar?

  • 18 May 2018
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In the midst of a major home renovation and trying to determine the best configuration for my needs. Currently (in my old house) I use a 7-channel receiver wired to 5 channel soundbar for TV audio. I also have a 5-channel receiver currently wires to 2 sets of speakers.

1. Basement: in-ceiling vs sonos 1 for gym
2. Kitchen: in-ceiling
3. Dining/living: in-ceiling (location is between these 2 rooms)
4. Den (TV area): sound for TV. Would like ability to play sonos here as well
5. Back deck: exterior wired speakers
6. Master bedroom: in-ceiling

I'm struggling with how to incorporate my existing receivers, sonos CONNECT:AMPs and/or CONNECT, and freestanding sonos speakers. Here are my current plans with a few questions:

1. TV: I think it would be simplest to keep my current TV/receiver/wired soundbar setup for watching TV. If I want to play sonos through the soundbar, is it as simple as using a CONNECT?
2. Kitchen/dining/living: I should be able to use one CONNECT:AMP for these 2 sets of in-ceiling speakers, yes? Any special considerations for these speakers and the CONNECT:AMP?
3. Exterior: I will need a CONNECT:AMP for these as well, as I will want to control this audio source separately. I could also use my 5-channel receiver + CONNECT here too.
4. Master bedroom: same options here as for exterior speakers. Not sure if it matters which is which
5. Basement: I think it would be simpler to use a sonos 1 here for separate control. Will be working out here in the morning when the rest of the house is asleep.

Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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1 reply

hey coalcracker, this sounds like a fun project!

First off, Sonos is announcing a new product on 6/6. There is a decent chance that the new product could be something you could incorporate into your system, so if you can hold off on decisions till then, I would do so.

1 - That is correct. You may want to look into replacing this with a playbar though, or whatever new product Sonos comes out with. I can't say whether it will sound better than what you currently have.

2 - Yes, you can. I believe the speakers need to be 8 ohm or 4 ohm, but don't quote me on that. Personally, I like to use a speaker switch to give a little more control and simplify the wiring a bit. Please note that you won't be able to control volume or audio source independently for these rooms with this setup.

3 - Yes and yes. I would shy away from using your existing receiver + connect though as you aren't saving that much money, it takes up more space and the receiver has to always be on, set to the right input, and you complicate volume control a bit.

5 - You will have separate control of each zone regardless. The sonos one just gives you voice control as well (overall zones, not just your gym). And for a workout room, it would probably make more sense to buy 2 sonos ones and pair them for stereo. You'll like the sound a whole lot better In fact, I would recommend buying the sonos ones now and see how you like them. It may change your mind regarding using ceiling speakers in some of the other rooms.