What to Do With In-Ceiling Speakers

  • 13 December 2017
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Hi There - I recently bought a new home, and there are about 8 brand new speakers pre-wired throughout the ceilings in each room. These all lead to a plate in my closet which houses all of the unconnected speaker wires (pic below). I'd like to avoid purchasing new speakers, because these are brand new and why wouldn't I just use them. Is there a SONOS (or comparable) product where I can connect the speaker wires and be able to easily control audio throughout my home? Thanks in advance!

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2 replies

It’s the connect amp you after one connect amp will run a stereo pair of speakers that appear as a seperate zone in sonos app
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You can go with a Sonos Amp for two separate zones or go with a Sonos Connect and a multi channel or multi room amp.
I set up a very small Omage multi zone amp in a restaurant.
The Connect and multi zone amp gives you the flexibility to turn off zones and independently adjust volumes, but it would be generally done manually in the closet location. The Sonos Amp gives you the ability to adjust zones and volumes remotely, but is limited to two zones so you would likely have multiple rooms on each zone.