To buy or not to buy a sub (for Beam, apartment building)

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Hi Guys,

So I recently got a Beam when I traveled to Germany (can't buy it where I live, no dealers). Now, I found something on the ads, a guys is selling a Sub for 500 euro, but I could probably bargain it down even more. The problem is that is still a whole lot of money. The Beam I bought was on sale that day, so I go it for 388 euro, minus the tax return I got, coming to about ~330 euro. But the Sub is really a lot of money. Really a lot.

How big is the benefit? I listen to music on Beam, and I watch movies (via Plex and Netflix, and I really miss DTS!!!). Will it be transformative enough to justify that much money?

I'm planning on 2 satellites when Ikea starts selling Symfonisk Book Shelf speakers in August.

In the meantime, what is your experience in combining Beam with Sub? I live in an apartment building, so I can't really let "go" too much.

I've read somewhere that by offloading bass, you get better mids and highs. Does it mean better soundstage and directionality?

And if I do let the sub "go", is just good, good base, or does it justify the price tag? Will I feel it in my stomach more that I will hear?

(I sound like a cheapskate, but I live in a country where the sub will be more than average person's salary, please have understanding for me)

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Forgot to add, I have a small living room, so not much space to fill with sound.
Questions about whether a product is worth the cost are pretty subjective, since a euro is worth more/less to different people. What you've heard about the sub is correct as far as it's impact. If you like heavy bass than it will matter than you tend to listen to audio that is bass light. And of course, apartment living could limit your ability to let go. One factor to consider is how the sub will play in a future home you intend to eventually move to.

If you were buying from Sonos directly, you could try it out and return if it doesn't have the impact you want. Understandably though that you want the discount from a used product. And if it's really a good deal based on it's age, maybe you can turn around and sell it yourself if you aren't happy?
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I pulled the trigger. I managed to get the price down to 400 euros, so that's why. The speaker was basically unused and came with original packaging. It has only a single tiny scratch that's most impossible to see. Turns out the guy came into possession of it without realizing that it only works with Sonos.

Anyways, I got it set up, and there is a difference. This is most felt in movies, not so much with music. The only songs truly benefiting are basically audiofile demo disk songs which I never listen to anyway. It is not a gut shaking sub though, and I've heard concrete shattering sub of a traditional HT (Onkyo AV receiver + Klipsch speakers) at my friend's place. This is not it.

On freq. tests, it loses most of the oomph at 29-28 hz. That is a good low end, mind you, but the beam alone goes down to 50hz, and for most movies, that's good enough. So, does the HT sound better? Yes! Does it reveal hidden low-end detail in some songs? Yes! (Like "Every Morning" by "Keb' Mo'")

Is it worth the money? Not for me, but it may be for you.. Get 2x One, or wait like me for Ikea/Sonos speakers and enjoy 5.0. The .1 is just not worth it.... not at this price. And if you want something earth-shattering, Sonos Sub is not for you. But it is a VERY tight and precise sub that will gain your neighbours' hate. 🙂

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