Synology Nas + Pioneer Receiver + Sonos

  • 6 January 2019
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I currently have a Synology Nas with movies and music stored, connected via the router to a Pioneer receiver. Music is played in the living room via the receiver and KEF speakers, and a ropey Phillips IPod dock speaker in the kitchen which connects to the Nas.
I want to upgrade and play music throughout the house.
I have not been able to confidently find the answer to the question that has been troubling me.
To access and play my music from my Nas through the Kefs in the living room and a Sonos 1,3 or 5 in the kitchen, do I need a Connect ?
Will the music sync ?
If so, then I might be better off getting a Play 5 for the living room !

Many thanks in advance


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6 replies

In order to get any sound into your Pioneer, you'll need to have a CONNECT to feed it the Sonos music. Music that you play via Sonos will sync across all speakers, music that you play on the Pioneer and then send to the CONNECT will have a 75ms delay between the Sonos speakers and the speakers connected to the Pioneer.
But I already have a Raspberry Pi running Kodi as a media server off the Synology Nas, which I can access via the Pioneer. Also can’t the Sonos speakers access the files on the Nas Direct via the App ?

Not sure what difference the first sentence makes. Yes, the Sonos speakers should be able to access the NAS. This would be your preferred method of playing music, since if you're running the music from Sonos, then the Pioneer's speakers and the Sonos speakers would be in sync. If your ran it from the Pioneer, then the speakers would not be in sync, by 75ms.
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If you want to send the music from the sonos system to your receiver you'll need a connect.

If you play the sonos speakers and your receiver from a connect then the music can be in sync. Some receivers add a bit of delay if you have the internal audio processors running, if it is a problem switch to pure/direct/raw mode, whatever your system calls it when no digital processing is done.

The sonos system can access your music files but only over SMB v1. If you don't want to enable that on your NAS your PI can serve as a NAS to SMB v1 gateway, fairly easy to set up and I posted some instructions here a while back.
Thanks for you comments Bruce, Stanley.
I think you have confirmed my understanding. If you want music to sync running on both Sonos and hard wired speakers then a Connect is required. I will look into this some more as the connect is a costly addition. The other option being to not use the Pioneer but another Sonos. I will look into it the Nas to SMB gateway.
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If money is tight used is always an option. My 2006 ZP-80s are still working great but newer would be better to get SonosNet 2.0.