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  • 19 August 2022
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Hi guys, I have recently purchased a Sony A95K O-LED tv and have been looking at sound bars. The best value for money it seems is the Sony HTZF9 which minimal problems it seems. Now I have been looking to get the Sonos Arc, has anyone had any experience in pairing the Arc with the Sony tv? Is it worthwhile? Any problems? Can I still utilise the 5:1 surround via the bar and the tv, and is it compatible? Thanks guys.


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5 replies

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Hi @John95k 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I cannot speak from personal experience, but we’re not aware of any compatibility issues with that TV.

Hopefully, someone from the community with that TV will chime in - my posting here will get this thread back in the Recently Active list.

Thank you very much for your help

I have paired the A95K with Arc and One SL and it works well. Voices sounded a bit lighter than I was used to with my previous Sony tv that had built in side speakers but that was slightly improved by voice enhancement button. I did use it without the rear speakers for a few days and it sounded really good although I didn’t notice the surround effect as clearly without dedicated rear surrounds.

It would be even better if Sonos added a full graphic equaliser to help adjust the sound specifically to your room. Allowed you to add additional side and overhead speakers to the setup to further improve Atmos. Added DTS:X. And had some way to add an additional HDMI port, since I now only have one 2.1 port left for streamers and can only add 3 inputs to the TV.

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Atul-M -- Can you control the volume of the soundbar from the TV remote? I cannot.





Can we assume that the “soundbar” you’re speaking of is not connected via HDMI cable (CEC/ARC or eARC) and instead using an optical connection?

If so, most likely your TV’s remote is set up for “smart” connection, using something that isn’t InfraRed (IR).

If you go into your TV’s manual, and see how to change the remote back to IR, it should properly control the soundbar’s volume, when playing the TV input. It should not control the soundbar when you’re not playing the TV input, that requires either the buttons on the unit, or the controller on whatever device you’re using.