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  • 23 October 2016
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hi, i'm moving into a new house that used to have a sonos set up. The wiring was attached to two zp80's as such... 1 speaker in two separate bathrooms attached to one zp80 and 1 speaker in the kitchen attached to another, which was subsequently fed into an amp (I believe)
The amp and two zp80's have been removed leaving three speakers and the wiring.
I think I would like to have two zone's (bathrooms and kitchen) and was wandering what the best way to approach this is. I am new to sonos so unsure how to go about this.
Thanks in advance

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2 replies

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Without knowing the speaker model numbers, it's almost impossible to recommend anything.
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Hi recostyler, welcome to the community. As SBSurfer says, knowing the model number of the speaker would be the most helpful. However as a basic guideline I can say that you have a choice of CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP. The CONNECT is a later model of the ZP80 and does basically the same thing.

The CONNECT feeds an audio stream through to powered speakers, or more often to an amplifier which powers passive speakers. The CONNECT:AMP combines this functionality and can power speakers itself, as it contains an amp. Have a look at our article on setting up the CONNECT:AMP which describes the specifications of speakers it can work with. If your speakers are not compatible with the CONNECT:AMP then you would need to use a CONNECT and a different 3rd party amplifier, which would work with them.