Sonos Beam for studio apartment with larger room?

  • 31 March 2024
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I'm thinking about getting the Sonos Beam as I'm mostly looking to upgrade my TV speakers/current cheap soundbar (Samsung HW-N400). So I'm looking for an allrounder that I can use for streaming, standard TV program and movies.

The Sonos Beam seems to match that requirements though I'm unsure if it works for my room layout. I'm living in a studio apartment (without terrace it's about 42 sqm and if I take out bathroom and corridor its probably around 34 sqm for the main room). See following link to the room layout. I just added the bed (from where I'm watching mainly from) and the TV. To the left there is the closet. To the right is the couch, desk, dinning table and in the top right is the kitchen.

Distance to TV is around 3,5 meters. Wall to the left is close but wall to the right is several meters away. Does the Sonos Beam work with such a room layout? Since I would prefer not to spend more than 500€ the Arc is beyond that budget and from what I’ve read I’m not sure if it’s worth double the price 


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Imo for that room size Arc would be the safe option, but Beam2 also should be able to fill the room. And if budget limits your decision, I think Beam will be your choice. 
If you buy directly at Sonos, you will get a 100 days test period with money back option. 

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I think the Beam 2 will work fine in your space. It actually puts out a bigger sound than most imagine. However, I would consider adding a Sub mini. Doing so will enhance dialogue and especially music. The sub relieves the Beam 2 of low-end frequencies allowing it to do a better job with mids and highs. FYI, I’d recommend adding a sub even if you were to purchase an Arc.

Note: The return window varies by country/region. In the US it’s 45 days. So check the return window for your area in the Sonos T&C’s. Make sure the Sonos website is set for your country/region.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll give the Beam a try and see how it works out

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I just can agree to what @AjTrek1 said about a sub. I use my Beam 2 with a Sub Mini and 2 One SL. The Sub Mini improves sound experience of the setup a lot. 
For daily use even without a sub Beam 2 sounds great, but for music on higher level and especially for movies with great bass effects a sub takes it to another level. 😎

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I have a Beam Gen 1 and a full Sub, it is overkill in my space and a Mini would have been a much better option if it had been available when I bought.

The full Sub with an ARC is a good pairing, haven’t heard an Arc/Mini to comment on that.

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Imo the Arc with a sub mini would be like that… 😁