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  • 15 January 2022
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Is the new arc worth the money?

3 replies

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I’ve had the Playbar & dedicated AV receiver with high end speakers in the past.  I’ve swapped these for an Arc and Beam (Kitchen).  Is it worth it?  In my opinion yes.  The lack of wires, small device footprint, music integration and sound quality mean I don’t regret my decision to get the Arc for one minute.   

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Most Arc owners, including myself, would say it is most definitely worth it.

Describe your current setup. What TV model do you own? What external devices do you use? What do you primarily watch? What streaming apps do you use? Are you interested in Dolby Atmos music?

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I do wish it was cheaper, but I’m very happy with both the sound and the integration with my other Sonos products.

I like my Gen 1 Beams too, but for the big media area they just weren’t enough. They are great in the master bedroom and office.