Sonos Amp vs. Sonance SR2-125

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Does anyone know if their is a difference between the Sonance SR2-125 amp and the Sonos Amp?  I have the Sonance Mag 4.1 patio series speaker system and can see that they are sold with either the Sonos Amp or the Sonance SR2-125.  Can someone explain to me what the difference is?


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Sonos amp contains a streamer, the Sonance does not and needs a source.

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Thanks, but looking at more specific specs then the obvious.  The reality is I would have to purchase the Sonos port if I was to use the SR2-125. Or I could save some money and purchase the Sonos Amp. But I would like to know the differences in the amps. 

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Sonance amp specs:

Sonos Amp specs (scroll to the bottom of the guide):

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Go and ask a dealer for a demo as the specs are meaningless that way you will be able to hear any difference. The Sonance amp with a port would be more flexible in that you could add additional sources or even use a streamer from another company.