Setup for 65 square meters living room

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I already own 2*sonos one and one Play 5 gen 2 and want to setup the living room with great sound. The room is pretty open but with 2 walls. And different roof height. Will not use the setup for the TV just music.
I was thinking that I might add one Play 5 and the Sub.
What do you guys think about that setup, any other suggestions or if that setup is bad?

Appreciate help :)

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I like your idea - the sub especially.
Any thoughts here?
Help please, I need to know What to buy :)
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I think your idea is good. One more Play 5 and a sub should give you enough to fill the space. I personally would just go for the Play 5 first and see what it sounds like after Trueplay before committing to purchasing the sub. It might be worth considering whether having a total of 4 Play 5s might be a better option.

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