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Is the Ray delayed? I ordered on 5/30 with a ship date of 6/7. My status still shows “preparing to ship” and it’s 6/15. Anyone else having this issue?

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That might depend on the country where you live; but that’s something we do not know, 

My Roam SL arrived within a few days, in the Netherlands.

Is the Ray delayed? I ordered on 5/30 with a ship date of 6/7. My status still shows “preparing to ship” and it’s 6/15. Anyone else having this issue?

Same here! I’ve emailed Sonos support and haven’t yet received a response. Not sure what’s happening here but it’s concerning.

Same here.  No update. Can’t get through to customer service with anything less than a 90min wait time.  Emailed 2 days ago and have heard nothing.

Similar situation for me (I’m in the US).

Ordered the Ray/Roam bundle on 6/5, the “Ships from” has said 6/7 since I ordered.  It’s been in the Preparing to Ship status since 6/7.

I emailed support 2 days ago and no response.

It’s a bit frustrating.

Same thing here.  60 min wait on the phone.  Ray bundle, 6/7 ‘ship from’ also.  US.


I ordered on 5/15 with a ship date of 6/7 and my order still says “preparing to ship.” I have 5 Sonos products and this is the worst customer service I have had yet (no response to emails, calls dropped, told that is was “waiting for courier pick up” in a chat, but I don’t think that means much) 

Same issue here. Ordered June 5. Expected shipping June 7. Still stays preparing to ship. I live in the US. No word from anyone. Just not the level of customer service I would expect from Sonos. Disappointing. They still have s chance to make it right, but will they?  Communication is key and right now it sounds like they are not communicating with anyone. 

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Maybe its related to the issue that a few/some/many people got duplicate deliveries of their orders. I can imagine that they suspend delivery until the issue is fixed.


Finally got a reply to my email that I sent on Monday.  Gave me a tracking number for my One SL that was in stock and took over a week to ship.  Had a bunch of fluff about how they are there to help and this was their top priority, etc, etc.  Here’s the kicker, didn’t even mention the Ray order or it’s status.

This is the response I got 4 days after inquiring: 

“I  would like to inform you that we are working on updates for our website and information systems, and coupled with the delays with cargo containers, it is causing unforeseen delays. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.”

“I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience  it may be causing you. At this moment we do not have a new estimated shipping date for your order.”

Absolute same issue here. Was expected by 6/7, is now 6/18, still “preparing to ship.” What irritates me the most is I can literally go to Best Buy right now and get one. Customers who pre-ordered should have them in hand before the stores do, in my opinion. 

Has anyone received their Ray yet?  I ordered on 5/28 and see no update on my status and have not received a response to my email (other than the automated one).

Same issue here. Ordered immersive set for arc on 6/4.. was expected to ship from 6/13.. its 6/23 and still not shipped! Contacted customer support multiple times and getting vague parroted responses every single time. My first time with SONOS and i am already regretting it. 

Am with you all in the lack of customer service when placing orders direct from Sonos. I understand the Ray is new and they have to stabilize capacity like any new product coming to market but accepting orders and not updating our accounts with expected shipping is a big fail. I’m canceling our direct order as I just realized the local Bestbuys have the Ray in stock for pickup TODAY. 

My order was billed today, ordered 5/23.  Web site says “preparing to ship”.  I could have picked it up tomorrow at my local Best Buy for $2 more.  What a waste.

Is the Ray delayed? I ordered on 5/30 with a ship date of 6/7. My status still shows “preparing to ship” and it’s 6/15. Anyone else having this issue?

I ordered 5/15 and it says the same thing more than a month later.  Reached out to Sonos several times even emailed the CEO Patrick.  They responded with a technical issue with my order and it would ship right away. Fast forward another week, several emails ( charge says pending for a few days then drops off ).  I can’t even cancel the order , sorry Sonos you guys need to up your customer service , used to be good.  Now you can’t even call them unless your a dealer. Horrible customer service 

I was told in a chat that my new shipping date is 7/6 (originally 6/5) then the next day I got an email from support saying that they were sorry for the delay and they don’t know when it will ship? This was on the same day that I received a marketing email from Sonos saying that the Ray was in stock and “ships fast” oh boy! They give you a “Ray” of hope, only to Rayn on your parade.