possibility of grouping sonos speakers.

  • 20 September 2021
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Hello, I have a quick question.I explain to you, I have:a sonos beam .2 second generation play 5 sonos.And the 3rd generation subwoofer.The beam is placed below my television.The 2 play five are in front of me on the left and on the right of my television.* I would like to buy, add behind my head, 2 sonos one (1 rear left and 1 rear right).I would like to know if all the speakers will work well together in a surround system ??Thank you for your answers.


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No. The two speakers that are beside the Beam can not be used as speakers that are part of the Home Theater room. The Beam already contains the three channels for the front, right, center, and left. You can not use the Beam as only a center speaker.

You could use either the PLAY:5s as music only, as I do, and the Sonos Ones as surrounds, or the other way around.

The maximum speakers in a Sonos Home Theater setup is one sound bar (which has three channels in it), a pair of surround speakers, and up to two Subwoofers.

There is no configuration in the Sonos system that allows for an individual center speaker. 



No they won’t all work in a Sonos Home Theatre type setup. The Beam is used for playing the three front channels - Left/Right/Centre from it’s built in speaker array… and to that you can ‘bond’ only two same/similar compatible speakers for the rear Left/Right channels. A Sonos Amp can also be used for the rear channel audio.

You can also add a Sub into the mix for 5.1 Dolby surround audio.

Note: I understand the new Sonos Beam (gen2) apparently also supports what I will term as virtual channels for Atmos ‘height’ audio effect. 

Those are the only devices that can be used in a bonded HT setup - you cannot add additional speakers to perhaps widen the front left/right audio channels, though it is an acknowledged requested-feature from some users here on the forum.

It is possible to ‘group’ additional speakers to a Sonos Home Theatre setup, as described, which will play fine for music audio playback, but such grouping involves audio buffering delays and in some instances that often causes video lip-sync issues with any TV audio playback.


Oooww, ok thank you for your fast and détail reply .

Great, thank you for this very detailed answer, so I made a home cinema pair with the beam, the 2 ones and the sub in a room.And create another room (in the same place) with the 2 fives and the subwoofer (which I have to transfer from one room to another when changing rooms).