Positioning the Playbar

  • 13 May 2017
  • 4 replies

I am not yet decided on a playbar or playbase with which to begin my Sonos system. My TV is located in a sort of cavity set back in the wall and the playbar would go beneath it, thus blocking the drivers at either end of the sound bar. Sonos recommends leaving a space of 30cm to either end of the device.

Does anyone have experience of how much the sound suffers when the playbar is positioned like this? I have no idea what kind of drivers are located at the ends so would it impede the bass or the surround-sound effect?

The playbase on the other hand is very unattractive, so big it would not fit properly above the media cabinet and the TV is wall mounted on an arm. But if it would sound better and save me needing to buy the woofer I might go for it.

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4 replies

There are tweeters for the L&R channels on each end of the PLAYBAR. In an alcove like that I would respect Sonos' recommendations for clearance at the ends.
Thank you for that info it's very helpful and I agree.
Seems you could mount the Playbar directly to your television and then just pull it out from the wall a bit to give the necessary clearance. They sell arms that attach to your already existing mount that hang down and then screw into sound bars.

Worth a mention: on Amazon I've noticed in the comments people mentioning certain models do not work with the Playbar, so you'd just need to find one that fit properly.
@thwilliams12 thanks for the suggestion but since the playbar is wider than my TV it might cause problems with maneuverability and also it depends on the extra weight I'd be putting on the arm which is only designed to hold a rv up to 32". But I'll look into that, thanks again.