Planning for 3000 Sq/ft Space

  • 30 September 2021
  • 3 replies

Hi - I am working on a market/coffee shop setup in a 3000 sq/ft rectangular room.  Looking to have background music in the space.  What kind of setup would you suggest?



3 replies

The first thing I’d check is which particular business oriented source you’d be using to feed your speakers, since here in the US, there are specific requirements and fees around playing music and streams in a public space. Fines from ASCAP can be, I believe, rather harsh. 

But beyond that, I’d consider a complex of Sonos Ones, plugged in near the ceiling on either wall mounts, or ceiling mounts. You’d need to decide how many to fill your space properly, could be four in the corners, or six, or eight, depending on how much volume you want to have, what kind of sound absorption you have in the space, what kind of noise you’re expecting your customers to make. Set up each Sonos One as an individual “mono” room, and then group them all together. You might consider running ethernet cable to each of them, so that you don’t have the worry about wifi, which can be absorbed by random bags of water (people), so you don’t lose signal to these speakers. 

Hi thanks - this is really helpful. 

Is there a way to calculate how many speakers would be needed? 

Not that I’m aware of, but I’m not a professional installer, they may have access to tools that I don’t.