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  • 29 September 2021
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I am in the beginnings of an extensive remodel and planning to use Sonos for home audio.

I will have in ceiling speakers in one bedroom, kitchen, and likely the living area (which is in the same open area as the kitchen. i will also have a pair of outdoor speakers in a covered porch.

If I desired to play different audio in each of these zones, then the speakers would have to be connected to different amps, correct? In other words, if the bedroom and living room are on the same amp, they would only be able to play the same audio right?


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3 replies

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Correct. Each Amp acts as one zone, meaning all speakers wired to a single Amp will play the same content at the same volume.

Also, are there any issues with using in ceiling with an arc and sub for surround sound in TV area? I assume just the in-ceilings need to connect to an amp?

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The Sonos Amp will be wired to the two in-ceiling speakers. When asked “How do you want to use Sonos Amp?” during the setup process, select As TV surround speakers. The Amp will connect, or be “bonded”, to the Arc wirelessly.

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