LG OLED C1 + Soundbar that works + Bluetooth Connection At Same Time

  • 8 March 2024
  • 1 reply

What soundbar works with LG OLED C1 AND Bluetooth earbuds (or other) connected at the same time? I am considering moving the Beam 2 to a different TV and buy a new soundbar.

Sonos Beam 2 is not compatible. Have tried mentioned fixes from this site to no avail (including recent delay setting). Only unplugging Beam will allow Bluetooth streaming from LG C1.

1 reply

It’s not a Sonos issue, per se, but an issue with CEC, a standard that most companies use to connect speakers with TV sets. 

You could try a couple of things. Rather than unplugging your Beam you can turn off CEC (SIMPLINK in LG’s world) when you want to use your Bluetooth connection. Or, while I’m not certain about your specific TV, or Bluetooth system, you could try the optical out on the TV to connect your earbud’s broadcast device to. Many manufacturers don’t bother to turn off that output, since it isn’t part of HDMI.