Dolby Atmos support for ceiling speakers

  • 3 January 2021
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We have recently purchased the Sonos Arc for our living room TV with a Sonos Sub.

Looking to add rear ceiling speakers for surround and music.

  1. Would like to have full Atmos capabilities in the ceiling speakers.
  2. Our ceilings are 14 feet and pre-wired for speakers. (I assume Trueplay would be important for optimization)
  3. Would like to play music as well from the ceiling speakers.

Thanks for the help.


1 reply

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You would need to get the Sonos Amp to connect your two in-ceiling rear surround speakers to the Arc.

You will be able play music from these speakers.

The ceiling speakers would just act as rear surrounds and not Dolby Atmos height channel speakers. The only two height channels would be coming from the Sonos Arc’s two upfiring speakers.

Yes, Trueplay would be important, but I believe your ceiling speakers will have to specific Sonance speakers for Trueplay to be compatible. I could be wrong about this though.