• 15 April 2023
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Has anyone compared the new Era 100 with the Amazon Studio?

2 replies

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Hi @kapu22 

Thanks for your post!

I can’t help you with this, but my posting here will get your topic back on the list of those recently active, so you may get a reply yet.

If you google “Era 100 v Echo Studio” you’ll see lots of reviews you’ll see lots of reviews comparing the Era 300 to Echo studio.  So I guess you could draw the conclusion that your 100 and Studio are not comparable?

Studio does spatial audio, while the 100 does not.  The Era 100 has bluetooth and both have line in.  Studio has some smart home features built in.  Both have voice control.  And there is a bunch of differences between Sonos and Echo as far as the multiroom audio lineup goes.  To me, the fact that Era 100 is near the bottom of the lineup while Studio is about as good as it gets for a big difference.

As far as audio quality, I have no experience, but a lot will depend on source and how you use them.


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