• 23 November 2021
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We want to play cds on our system.  What players have Bluetooth that will work?

5 replies

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What is your budget for a CD player?

Keep in mind the only Sonos speakers that support Bluetooth is the Move and Roam.

As has been mentioned on dozens of threads asking the same question, ultimately, you would be better of ripping all your CDs and using the Sonos to play the ripped files. While the initial ripping process can take a small amount of time, being able to play music without having to open a case and pulling out a CD is quite satisfying. 

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Hi @Ksbill 

You can follow @Airgetlam advise; but you may not be inclined to invest the time to do so. If not you can purchase a Sonos Port and connect a CD player via line-in to enjoy your CD’s over non-Bluetooth Sonos speakers.

hi @Ksbill which ‘system’ do you own? I am using the Sonos Port, connected to my ‘vintage’ hifi system, to play CDs and vinyl records. It works well and is, in my view, the easiest way to integrate CD-players into the Sonos system. If you go for ripping all CDs, you will need to consider a hard drive to store all tracks. Personally, I would not opt for a Bluetooth connection because of the limited Sonos speaker range.


Reading the question the other way, are you looking for advice here on what CD players have Bluetooth? That’s a very different question than the one I think I assumed you were asking, which was ‘which Sonos devices have Bluetooth?’