Boost - worth investing?

  • 26 February 2019
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I have my system working again now (Playbase + 2 Play:1's as surround in the lounge with the PB hardwired to a 2nd router used as an AP which is hard wired to my main router), another PB + Play:1's in the dining room and a Play3 & Play5 Gen2 upstairs. Would there still be a benefit in getting a Boost and having this hard wired to either of the routers? The main one is in the hallway near the front door and the 2nd is in the lounge close to the tv.

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2 replies

No, since you already have the playbase hard wired, you wouldn't get any benefit from a Boost. If you wanted the playbase to be wireless for whatever reason, then you could get a boost and wire that instead.
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Hi edge306

Yes and No.

Yes if there was a way to wire it to a 3rd router that is wired back to the main router. What you have created with your routers is a pseudo mesh network. Also the 3rd router would need be positioned so that it actually expands your network to another part of your home. The boost connected to it would essentially be expanding the SonosNet.

No, if you are just connecting it to one of the existing routers or just connecting it to the back of another speaker.

In your current setup you are already in Wired (boost) mode. I don't see a need for a 3rd router or Boost module unless you are having some serious connection issues. Before I'd spend money on any additional hardware I'd contact Sonos Tech Support. Submit a diagnostic, post the reference ID in this forum and call them.

There is also the concept of diminishing returns. At some point the wiring of Sonos products the overall benefit becomes negligible. That's not to say it isn't a good idea but one can only boost the SonosNet by so much. For example you wire 4 Sonos products which relatively speaking are almost in a straight line. Odds are you could unwire one of the four with little to no negative affect to the SonosNet.

Actual Experience
My home is a split tri-level. I have an ASUS AI Mesh network using two ASUS AC5300 routers that are wired (one as the Main the other as the Node). The Main is on the lowest level and the Node is on the 2nd level. I have a Boost module connected to both. The Boost on the 2nd level extends the SonosNet to the 3rd level. When I run I have a matrix that is consistently more Green and Yellow with an occasional Orange versus a lot of Red before making the adjustment. BTW, I consulted with Sonos Tech Support in developing the aforementioned solution.

In my previous residence that was only one level creating the ASUS AI Mesh and adding a second Boost were not necessary. I might also add that I prefer not to wire speakers if possible; therefore the 2nd Boost.

I hope this helps with your decision. I'm sure some of the other forum members will offer their opinions.