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So, my daughter's fiance fell in love with my Sonos over Thanksgiving's visit, so wedding gift was an easy choice - two Play:3s, which are very nicely priced if you have access to a military exchange (sold out online, unfortunately). Their house is not large, so I assume they can wire one direct to their router and then put the other elsewhere. If they do end up needing to separate them from the router and wifi doesn't cut it, is there any advantage to getting them a Boost rather than just pulling one of my old Bridges out of a drawer? Seems like a huge expense when I can give them a Bridge or buy one on eBay for $20 or so.

I tried searching, but my search-fu was bad this morning (need more Red Bull) because I found nothing that describes the benefits of Boost over Bridge.

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Boost is a lot better in range and coping with interference where it is needed to do so. But if that isn't needed, a Bridge serves just as well, so: try the Bridge first and if it works well enough, nothing further need be done.
So I just purchased two Sonos Play 1 speakers. They will arrive today and should be ready for set up when I get home from work. I don't think I will need a Bridge or a Boost for the speakers. But if I do which one is better? Looks like Bridge has been discontinued and Boost is fairly new? I can still buy Bridge on Ebay. But do I really need one if my wifi is good. The only situation I would probably need the Bridge/Boost would be when I take the new Sonos Play 1 into my garage. My other question on Bridge/Boost is will it work on other wifi devices? Or only on the Sonos products?
Kumar's explanation about the differences is pretty good. The only additional point I'd add is that the BOOST handles SonosNet 2.0, and the BRIDGE is only SonosNet 1.0. But I absolutely agree with him, if a BRIDGE works, there's no reason to upgrade to a BOOST.
I looked at the same question, cheap Bridge or a more expensive Boost, ended up getting the Boost for the v 2.0 Sonos Net and better range.

Now if I had a Bridge sitting around I'd go with that and only if it proved to be a problem go to a Boost.

On the two Play 3s, they might want to do a stereo pair too, that really makes a big difference in the sound to my ears. I'd toss an unused Bridge into the gift box for them so they set things up that way from the beginning.


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