Amp Backorder, is it actually shipping?

  • 20 January 2022
  • 29 replies

I ordered a Sonos amp 12/24. Ship date was supposed to be 1/14 but now they are saying it’s delayed and don’t know when it will ship. My question is has anyone actually been receiving their orders at all or does the ship date just keep getting pushed back for everyone?  I’ve noticed these expected ship dates being displayed for the last 6 months. Has anyone actually received one?  

29 replies

I get that I’m just trying to see if there are still people from 6-12 months ago or more still waiting based on that same email. 

I ordered the amp on may 15 and now sept 8 still waiting 

If you call up they will give you a discount 

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Reddit user recently posted a picture of a pallet of 100 Amps that just arrived, ordered in March. YMMV.

I recieved everything on time 🙄