Advice to buy Play:5 with turntable

  • 19 December 2017
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Hello, i'm going to buy a pair of Play:5 to set an Stereo system, my doubt is, if i want to buy a turntable, it needs preamp?

Or can i connect an Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC directly to one of the Play:5?

Thank you, i have been reading about the sonos amp etc, but as i have read in the forum about the Play:5, and i doubt about it capability to coneect the turntable directly without preamp.

sorry for my English, not my native language :_)

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4 replies

You will need a preamp, either separate or built into the turntable.
If so, someone who has an TT with preamp, can give some advice about the setup? and how is the overall audio experience with it? Some advice in models of TT with preamp? The wife wants to minimize the number of boxes and wires in the dinner room :_)
That Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC has a built-in preamp. You can go from the TT directly to the Play:5 if you wish. Just make sure the internal preamp is turned on.
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Hi Madrivi, welcome to the community. I just checked and there are a few different Pro-Ject Carbon DC models and some of them do not include a built-in pre-amp, so just make sure to double-check the specs prior to purchasing. A few months ago I posted a thread that covers setting up a turntable with Sonos that could help answer a lot of your questions.

As you're looking to minimize the number of boxes and wires in the dining room, you'll definitely want a turntable with a built-in pre-amp. We recently started to carry the Pro-Ject Essential III Phono on our webstore, which may fit the bill. Personally, I use a U-Turn Orbit Plus, which I love, and they provide the option to add a built-in pre-amp to any order. I also urge you to do a bit of looking around online to make sure you get a turntable that meets all your needs.