A pair of Era100 or a single Era 300 for a kitchen

  • 2 April 2023
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Hi All. I currently have a stereo pair of 8 year old play 1s in the kitchen I want to upgrade. I’m trying to figure out if I was best off replacing them with a pair of Era 100 or a single Era 300. Would be great to hear from people who use a single Era 300. 


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2 replies

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Answering my own question but it might help someone considering similar. Went with the Era300 in the end instead of two 100s. It’s probably not a true standalone review as it’s linked to a gen 2 sub. The sound out of that speaker is immense. It really goes loud. The sound stage is very wide and it provides a great immersive experience with Atmos tracks. It sounds like there are about 4 speakers placed around the kitchen. It even confused the dog. Also sounds great with the radio. It’s perfect for our kitchen. Yes, it’s probably not as good as a stereo set for separation but it absolutely fills the room and that’s what I want in the kitchen. Sub gen2 is probably overkill and I will probably swap it out for a mini down the line.

Ha! “Dog approved” would be a great product review/endorsement. I know a cat who has figured out how to play music on a MOVE.