4xplay 1 vs 4x in ceiling speakers

  • 28 December 2017
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Hi All.
Looking to outfit an open plan kitchen diner about 6 by 5 meters with speakers.
I'm considering either 4 play 1 or 4 in Ceiling speakers paired with a C:A.

Any recommendations on which is the better choice

While the in ceiling speakers would probably work out more expensive i think they have the potential of providing better sound quality.

Looking for opinions on both setup and recommendations on in ceiling speakers.


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2 replies

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I personally have always found ceiling speakers more background music capable as far as the direction and the way they sound. I personally would think a pair of Play:1s would sound better.

There are a lot of ceiling speakers on the market. Actually I put some in my parents house that actually have domes where they come down and don't fire straight down. Sound wise I think they have always sounded batter then flush ceiling speakers.
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Certainly ceiling speakers have the potential to sound better — as with all types of speaker there is almost no limit on the amount you can spend. So the argument depends partly on the budget (though of course spending more is no guarantee of anything).

I find for dining rooms, the best kind of music is something that blends into the background, nothing with words or too much rhythm. The brain finds it hard not to focus in on words, and if you have dining guests you want to focus on them rather than the music, or the direction it is coming from.

Personally I have gone for ceiling speakers where possible but Play5 In the kitchen / dining room due to practical concerns only of reaching the ceiling space.

I have Monitor Audio ceiling speakers elsewhere (CP380’s) which are good but light on bass. I have found bass light on all ceiling speakers I’ve tried but again this may not be your number one concern when dining.

Hope this helps