4 era100 + Sub vs 2 five w/ out sub

  • 27 December 2023
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I recently bought my first Sonos equipment and have linked it up to my Sony turntable. So this system will be exclusively used for that and to stream music. It’s set up in a wide open space that’s probably close to 800sq ft with 9’ ceilings (very open floor plan). 

so far I have two era 100s and a Five. The Five definitely has noticeably more power than the two 100s. Especially on the low end which I like. So I have a decision to make. Do I purchase another Five and return the 100s? Or return the Five and purchase another pair of 100s to put around the room and then add a sub for the low end? I guess the question is, what would fill the room better? 

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1 reply

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If you want good stereo imaging you want the two Fives Paired and positioned properly to your listening area.

Room filling, Fives not Paired and positioned for the most even sound levels.

In that big open room a Sub might not be bad with the Fives if Paired.

If you want background music you will want the Era 100s. Try them Grouped and not Stereo Paired for the most room filling sound.

If you go with a Sub / mini-Sub for them keep in mind it  can be hooked to a single 100 or a Pair of 100s.

If you went with two mini-Subs you could Pair the 100s and connect the mini-Subs, one to each Paired Sonos Room. You’d get a lot more low end but not quite as room filling as you’d have to have them Paired. You’d get some stereo imaging depending on the locations and seating position but the other Pair would compromise the imaging a fair amount.

I’d go Fives for my listening but if you are leaning to room-filling the 100s and sub options might be better sounding to your ears.