Non Bluetooth turntable to integrate with our existing Sonos One setup

  • 4 April 2024
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We are a bar/cafe. We have 2 Sonos Ones mounted high up (we need a ladder to reach them if that's useful to know) from which we play Spotify through our wifi connection, from an iPad mounted to the bar.

We now want to set up a (preferably Audio Technica) turntable to play vinyl records. It's important that we're able to switch between the turntable and Spotify seamlessly and we want to avoid the cost/clutter of wires. Is there any way to connect a turntable, wirelessly, to our existing Sonos setup? 

I’ve read that we can use a Sonos Port or a Sonos Roam but I want to make sure its easy to switch between Spotify and Vinyl.

Thank you for your help.


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In general you can use any Sonos device with analogue line in option. (Sonos Amp, Sonos Port, Sonos Five, Era100 or Era300…for Eras the Sonos audio to usb c adapter is required).

But… imho it’s not professional to use wireless connection in such a commercial environment. There are guests with several devices that can interfere with a wireless Sonos setup. So I strongly recommend replacing the Sonos Ones with passive speakers that are wired to a Sonos Amp. A turntable could be connected directly (if line out is provided) to the Sonos Amp or with help of a phono pre amp. 
If you like to use the Ones anyway you could connect them via lan cable. 
Any wireless connection could run into problems like drops and ruin the atmosphere of the location.

Instead of a Sonos Amp any of the other compatible devices mentioned above could be used, if all Sonos devices of your setup are lan cabled. 

If you like the risky way of life, you could also try the wireless setup with one of the line in supporting devices. At a place without interfering wireless devices it works well.


While the universe seems to revolve around a Bluetooth for a large number of users, I don’t enjoy it. Any of the SONOS units with a Line-In will accept the turntable. Make sure that an internal or external phono preamp is available. I terms of least clutter, PORT would be the choice. 

With Line-In the turntable will simply be another input choice.

Sonos One doesn’t have a line in

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Sonos One doesn’t have a line in

Yes… because of that we told you the options you have to get it working. 
At least you need one other Sonos device with line in option. 

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Are you set on more complicated setups or would a turntable directly compatible with Sonos be an option?


Any reason for the Audio Technica brand?