Sonos beam gen 2 issues

  • 9 October 2021
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I got delivery of my beam 2 on the 6th and have the 5.1 setup with sub and one SLs which is great.

Ive had an issue twice now with my beam going full volume sounding like a machine guns going off in my livingroom which is unbearable, especially for my dog 😅 and I’ve unplugged it straight away. Once plugged back in it’s fine.

The first time was when connecting the beam to my TV but the hdmi had not yet been plugged into the unit, so power on only, 2nd time was when I had paused the tv for a few minutes.

I will submit a diagnostic to Sonos next week when I can contact support but thought in the meantime I’d check if this is something anyone else has had issues with as I can’t find anything online?

Thanks in advance 🎵


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46 replies

Sounds rather strange? What audio source were you playing when it happened on each occasion, was it music, or a TV audio source? I think it’s best to try to submit a diagnostic (noting it’s reference) if you encounter the issue again and maybe capture the sound on video for Sonos Support to investigate further.

You can contact/chat to Support Staff via this LINK.

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Thanks for your reply Ken, the first time it happened there was no source, I was connecting to the TV via the HDMI eARC connection but had not yet plugged this in therefore this rules out the hdmi cable. The 2nd time it was watching TV but the programme had been paused for a few minutes so no sound has been played through the speaker on both occasions. Other than these times it has been fine. My main concern is this happens whilst I’m out and the dog is in the house by himself as it’s unbelievably loud as you can imagine.

The reason I asked about what was playing, is this site here that refers to a different brand of Soundbar makes mention of a similar noise, but puts it down to an incompatible signal being received from the TV.

TV’s these days have audio pass-through on their ports so it might be a device connected to the TV is sending some kind of unsupported signal - do you have other devices connected to the TV? If so maybe the diagnostic will show where the sound is coming from and help you get to the root cause of the matter (er .. perhaps?) 

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Yes mate it’s a good shout, I’m an engineer so fully understand your reason for asking as any kind of data can be used for troubleshooting the issue. I have skyQ but on this occasion I think the issue lies in the beam 2 itself as the only attachment it had the 1st time was its power cable so was not connected to any source at all at that time. It had been connected previously via the optical port on the sky Q box as the hdmi provided was not long enough to get to the back of my TV. I’m going to try recreate it today to get a video as mentioned for support.

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Thought I’d update this in case anyone else comes across the same issue with their units. I got a video of the issue, got in-touch with Sonos and the suppliers who were both really helpful and suggested a factory reset as it’s an issue they have never come across.

Completed the reset with all my devices and set the system back up. No issues for roughly 24hrs then unfortunately reoccurred. The beam gen 2 is now back with the supplier for testing and they have offered an exchange.

Just had exactly the same thing happen. Not a nice sound and the only way I could stop it was to unplug the beam gen 2 as the S2 app couldn’t connect.  I’ve had a number of issues since getting the Gen2. Loud clicks in the surround 1SLs when navigating menus on Apple TV 4K.  

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Same mate I just unplugged it, and it’s very unpleasant, I have a pup who is left at home now and again and my main fear was it happening when I was out. I never had the clicking on the SLs but did notice like a buffering in the sound from the rears at times. Where did you get it from? I’d recommend returning it and trying again. 

I had the same issue yesterday literally within minutes of turning on my Beam 2. It happened twice so I called support and sent diagnostics. The rep said that my diagnostics showed interference and suggested switching my internet channel or hardwiring the Beam vs. using wireless internet. I have hardwired it and have my fingers crossed.

I can confirm that using wired internet does NOT fix the issue. Returning it.

I have had the exact same experience. No fun. Was just listening to some music. 

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Diagnostics came up with nothing on mine at that time, it’s disheartening to find out it’s happened to a few others as gives me no confidence on the exchanges unit (when it arrives) sounds like a bit of an issue with the gen 2 but hopefully we all get them sorted. My living room is also too small to upgrade to the arc too so that and the extra cost isn’t even an option.

Had this also happen twice with my gen2 beam 

Very annoying. !!!

The problem now is I can not listen to music in a relaxed way anymore, afraid that it may happen again. Hope Sonos gets this fixed soon otherwise I’ll return the Beam. 

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The problem now is I can not listen to music in a relaxed way anymore, afraid that it may happen again. Hope Sonos gets this fixed soon otherwise I’ll return the Beam. 

I have the same problem, I have a 5 month old pup who is crate trained in my livingroom and I’m worried it’ll happen when I’m out,would give him a heart attack so no confidence in it now, especially as it seems to be a common problem with the gen 2. I wonder if the issue is in the firmware as would be very strange to have such a hardware fault in multiple units?

I returned mine. I’m not holding on to something that is defective that cost $450 that I can’t return after 14 days. I did buy a Sonos One for music which sounds gorgeous. Researching Beam alternatives for home theatre.

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Update: Smart home sounds who I purchased the beam gen 2 from in the UK have tested my beam over 48hrs and Sod’s law they have not found any issues with it, but have exchanged the unit to which I have just received so fingers crossed it’s all good this time. Just on a side note SHS in the UK have been brilliant and their customer service is excellent so would highly recommend them. I hope everyone who has commented so far gets their issues sorted 🤙

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Hi everyone,


Thanks for all your posts here in this thread.

If you’re experiencing similar issues with a Beam (Gen 2), please get in touch with our customer care team via phone or live chat. Before making contact with our team, it would help greatly if you could submit a system diagnostic at the time the issue is occurring, and refrain from rebooting your Beam as this will remove helpful logs and information that our team can use to investigate what’s happening to your unit.


I have also had the same issues with the Sonos beam2, super loud machine gun type noise out of nowhere. I have also returned my beam 2. As i just bought a news samsung QN850A tv, i wasnt sure if its the TV or the beam 2. Since i returned the beam 2, i bought a Arc, haven’t had the issue yet with the arc, so i am thinking it is specific to the beam 2 product.

I bought a beam gen 2 today and I’m having the same issue, full volume machine gun sounds, it sound like the speakers are about to blow. Happened twice in 10 minutes, the only way to stop it was to unplug it. Needless to say it’s packed back up in its box and being returned tomorrow. 

I have had my Beam (gen 2) for three days, it took customer support two days to get me up and running, then this morning at 7am, while watching the local news, I had the “jack Hammer” sound resonate through our condo, wife came storming out of the bedroom, ready to kill, and the neighbours knocked on the door asking if everything is all right. Does anyone know if there is a fix or a download available to resolve this issue. I certainly do not want all the neighbours coming over again tomorrow.

Right now, it is disconnected until I can be sure it will not happen again.


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I am having the same problem with my Beam Gen 2….loud pops while music is playing from my Apple TV 4K hooked up via HDMI to my Sony TV which is hooked up to my Beam Gen 2 via eARC. Hugely disappointing.

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@SLO hombre Have you contacted Sonos (as asked above)?

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@106rallye No - they dont have weekend hours. Will do so during the week.

I want to encourage everybody having this problem to go to social media and/or the review boards of where they purchased this product and let other potential users know of this problem. Between the ARC and Beam Gen 2 there are hundreds of users on here complaining about this problem and nothing helpful from Sonos.

Maybe after Sonos sees their product being accurately represented in a negative light, we will get some attention and get this fixed.

Sorry to say, my first sonos purchase has gone back to Costco. I found that the Beam Gen 2, had three issues, and I do not have the patience to deal with a foreign call centre to have them fixed. 

It took me three days to get the Beam to work with the help of their high level tech support. Everyone that I dealt with really knew their stuff.

First was the jack hammer or machine gun out of the blue in and the middle of the news or program

Second was the google commands that the Gen two did not recognize and

Third was the gen dropping the sound when watching a show. 

That was the final straw for me. Just too much to deal with, so I bought a dumb sound bar with a woofer. That should be enough for my setup.

Adios and Merry Christmas to all!

And to sonos… Good night!

I've just had this same issue for a second a time in  approximately 20 days, so not occurring often. I called customer service and they told me to do a hard reset. Because I didn't have a video or was unable to submit a diagnostic before the speaker automatically reset itself, there was nothing they could do. They can't do anything for me even though it is under warranty.  Unfortunately it's past my 30 days to return the product to pc richards and son. So looks like they know this is an issue and won't do anything to fix it, even with the product under warranty.