Sonos 13.4 - Music library update

  • 21 November 2021
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Hello Everyone,

Since the last Sonos update (software and material).

I have one problem with the planification of the music library (index). Sometimes that is work without problem and sometimes no. One more thing, I have make one test with different hours during the night or during the day, sometimes that works and sometimes no.

All of my local configuration is the same : Sonos players, wifi setting, Nas MyCloud Ex2 Ultra, …

Have you the same issue ?

Have a nice Sunday.

Kind regards.



16 replies

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Hi, I also have lots of troubles with this new 13.4 update in connection with my music library:

1. Similar to what you described I have problems indexing my music library. I don't use scheduled indexing but it seems to not come to an end if I start it from Android. Running it from Windows (which at some point was possible) then helped.

2. Covers not displayed anymore. I only use folder.jpg in the album folders for all of my music collection and no cover is displayed at all. It just seems super buggy. After starting the index from Windows some covers were shown but this only lasted for a very short time. This is also being discussed here.

3. The Android app doesn't display the album title for the currently playing track anymore. This is especially unfortunate since the album cover is not shown as well. Instead the Now Playing screen just shows a generic "Title"... I remember this generic "Title" being displayed in previous versions but it was in a third row below the artist and album titles. Probably a placeholder for a streaming service I guess. But now without both album cover and album title this is just super annoying.

4. I seem to have single players dropping out of the grouping between songs/at the start of a song.

All of this makes me wonder if Sonos is even testing the updates properly before forcing them onto its users? I say forcing since in my case I had to update in order to refresh the music library index.

I really hope that all of this will be fixed soon and more effort is put into future updates. Not long ago we had this super annoying issue with songs having special characters in title/file name not being recognized and so on.

Sent a diagnostic and hope Sonos will have a look into it.


Hi Luc45,

Many thanks for your feedback and for your details.

I do not use Android but iOs, I have no problem with the covers or the title, only with the index of the music library. This is strange the differences between two software systems.

I have reinitialize the Sonos app but the problem is always present.

Until today I have absolutely no problems with the updates from Sonos but now…

Thank you again for your reply. I go to check with Sonos.

Kind regards.

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Interesting, so you can confirm it shows the album title in the main screen for the current playback below the song title? I just checked my girlfriend's iPhone and it doesn't display it. It's just the song title and the artist name and the generic "Title" in the row below.


Hi again,

I have make a screenshot of the app on iOS, please see just below :



One more thing, I put the cover picture directly in the artist folder and then in the album folder. Like this :


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Thank you, Fragments Of!

For me it looks like this on Android (but it's really the same on iOS) and my music files definitely have all the tags:

Also, note the shade over the "t" in the song title. Sometimes those shades are there, sometimes not.

I assume you embedded the album art in your music files?


This is very strange this shade and also the title > ???

Yes, I put the cover picture in the music files : Music file > artist > album > songs & cover picture.

These issues are strange : cover pictures no present -  title - planification of music library not efficient.

Have you send a diagnostic to Sonos ?

Kind regards.


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Yep, I've send a diagnostic: 1015557073. Hope they will have a look into it.

Check this thread.




I have call the Sonos support and until now my update problem is resolved.

The help from support is to check the SMB configuration in the Nas.

Check the network configuration of your Nas, check that the SMB protocol is on SMB 1.

I hope that help you.

Best regards.

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So no change form before 13.4 then… and your problem has nothing to do with the update?

I’ve been talking to Sonos Support (chat, then a person) regarding my music library’s external album art not displaying on either Sonos S2 on iOS or Sonos on Windows. The apps will display album art embedded into the library’s music files, sometimes. Sonos S2 13.4 on iOS, and 13.4 firmware on the Sonos devices. It is my belief that this occurred either on the 13.4 update, or possibly the one before.

The support representative acknowledged that there have been many reports of this, is going to escalate this to the relevant Sonos teams, and that I can expect an update or resolution soon (he mentioned to check in a couple of days).




My problem since the new update (13.4) is the update of the music library index.

I have no problem with the album art. All of my songs or albums come with the cover art.

Kind regards.

Hi all,

My Sonos recently stopped being able to play or index anything on my local network music file share. After some time with support, Sonos has confirmed to me via email that the 13.4 release contains SMBv2v3 support.

After further testing it’s clear that support for SMB v2v3 is buggy and resulted in my not being able to index music libraries or play anything on my file share over SMB. When I limit my server to only use SMB v1 Sonos is working fine again, but this is not a viable solution for me due to other clients that use the same file share.

I have already replied back to support with this information. If any others can confirm the same behavior, please contact Sonos as well with your details so they understand how widespread this problem is and can accelerate a solution.


I have the same problem after installing 13.4 and also 13.4.1.
After rebooting my NAS (Western Digital mybooklive) and my Sonos One Gen 2 pair, I can, as before, get a library update sometimes, but only once. I have also tried rebooting my modem/router (Sagem).

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parsd51 Why don’t you start your own topic to make troubleshooting your issue less confusing.

Reboot your gear so you can run an index and do that.

Once the index has finished submit a diagnostic and post the number here or note it for a call to Support.

Run another index and when it fails submit another diagnostic and pass that number to Support too.

By looking at both they may be able to spot your issue.