Arc Went “POP” and Went Quiet

  • 14 November 2021
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Last night, while watching a movie on Netflix, we heard a loud “POP”! 

At first we thought it came from the fireplace, but we quickly realized that nothing was coming from the Arc center channel. The Sub and rear speakers were performing as expected, but the Arc was dead silent. The app did not indicate any issues with the setup and the Arc indicator lights were working. I even tried to activate the voice assistant. Alexa appeared to be responding, but silently, with sounds coming from the Arc. 

I feared the worse, but after unplugging the Arc from the power source, and plugging it back in, things went back to functioning normally. 

I am just curious if anyone else had experienced this. Should I be worried?

Arc + Sub + SL+ SR

1 reply

I have the Sonos Arc, not experienced the issue, but I would suggest if it happens again to perhaps immediately submit a Sonos diagnostic report (within 20 minutes of it happening) and note/post it’s reference back here and then contact Sonos Support via the link below to discuss the matter with them.