An error occurred while adding songs to the queue (701)

  • 30 November 2017
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I can't play all my songs an error says "An error occurred while adding songs to the queue (701)" How do i fix it?

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70 replies

I get the same error message all the time - how can this be resolved? It feels like there is a limit on the number of songs you can add to your queue in Sonos???
There's nothing about a 701 error code in the FAQs. What queue are you adding songs to? Have you tried to submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at?
Thanks for your reply! I also received the 1002 error message. Just sent diagnostic information and my confirmation # is 8155487.

From what I have read here, seems like a wireless issue - makes me a little disappointed in Sonos. Wish it worked better. I do have over 3000 songs in my spotify library, but I didn't think that would be an issue for Sonos.
btw... my library plays fine from the spotify app.
Well, the wireless issue might be a problem with wifi interference. Might we worth checking these FAQs;

error codes

Wifi Interference FAQ

You may want to try connecting one of your Sonos devices to the router with an ethernet cable, too. That would put it on a parallel network called SonosNet, so it doesn't use up your own wifi's bandwidth.

Hopefully someone from Sonos will swing by and look at that diagnostic, and be able to give us better information.
I had the same issue for a while. I used Xiami as my music service provider and recently I could not add "my favorite songs" in Xiami to Sonos playlist. And actually I could not even add an individual song to the playlist. It shows error701. I just sent diagnostic information and my confirmation # is 8156671. Can someone help with this issue? Really appreciated!
Confirmation number 8164437.

Build: 39247170
Service: Spotify

Seems like every couple songs throws this error but many play fine.
Hi have read a number of comments in this community - my whole system is jammed as when I try to play my tunes I get error message 701 or 1002 "unable to join queue", or unable to connect to //HOME/Music - doesn't appear to be a consistent approach to the error messages, just a system that I cannot use. The answers given on other pages have not helped me so far. I have submitted diagnostic 8166377 - can you help please?
Hi, did you find a solution to this? I have the same problem.
I’m having the same issue. Songs saved on the device work, but if I try to play anything on Spotify or Apple Music I get error 701. Very frustrating. If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it.
Mark, can you stream any radio? I can’t play anything except local files.
Have the same issues here as well but with Apple Music

Using Connect:Amp, Sub, 2x Play3, 4x Play1
If I stream from iPhone on Sonos it works but if I stream from Apple Music, I'm getting error 701

If I try to update, it doesn't work an takes me to error 1101

I've tried today following solution three times as recommended in forum:
Took all devices from system and turned them off by unplugging also from electricity and turned on in sequence:
Sonos wired devices
Sonos wireless devices


I'm really wondering

If I try to send the support-diagnostic report, it says you need to be asked from support service to send your issue#

Please help, the holidays are about to start and this issue is really nothing what I need to have now!
I too am seeing this error when trying to add tracks from Spotify to the queue (as few as 1 track), but files that are on my NAS are added without issue.

What's really odd is that if I power cycle all my Sonos speakers (2 play:1s and the playbar in my 5.1 setup) I'm again able to add tracks from Spotify (full playlists too like my Release Radar)

I'll work fine for a day or so, then back to 701 when trying to add any tracks from Spotify
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I've had error 701 today.
Was just trying to add songs to the queue.
Came up with error 701 and then the desktop app crashed. This happened three times.

Can't add songs from the mobile app either.

Google Play Music still works fine though.
Just adding my voice to “an error occurred while adding songs to the queue 701”. 44 songs in the queue, so not that large. Come on Sonos you demanded I spent my time updating the App earlier today. I can stream video over wi-fi, so it’s not my network. Feeling frustrated.
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I just started getting error 701 when trying to play from my nas , removing the share and re adding it seemed to fix it for me 🙂
I had this issue. Couldn't add anything from spotify. Turns out I had my Wi-Fi repeater using the same network name as my router. This caused some confusion for the speakers and they kept giving a 701 error.
Once I changed the name if the repeater network to something else it all worked. I hope this helps someone.
This error 701 is getting frustrated please respond Sonos.

I have 5 players, and my latest (Daughter's Christmas gift) a play-3 is having this error.

The only thing she can play on her play-3 is local files - no Spotify or Radio.
I am getting a 701 as well. As we speak I can play spotify from the spotify app on my mac through the sonos speakers connected to the same wifi. The sonos app shows this playing so it is connected. but if i try to play anything from spotify on the sonos app it fails with the 701. It can browse my spotify playlists though so connection to the service clearly works. Please can you help? And more generally, Sonos you need to test your software a lot more with automated tests across the different combinations. there are many occasions when your software leaves the user down a cul de sac. happy to share more specifics if that is of value to you. Thanks for your support.
I had the same using Amazon music, I tried various like others reset Wi-fi unplug all speakers 2 ones and a sound bar so as a last resort I removed the app from my iPhone, rebooted it then did a fresh install and it worked. Good luck this may not work for others but we can only try.
Also have this "An error occurred while adding songs to the queue (701)" error in Sonos app on my Mac whenever I try to play any track in my Music Library which is stored on a NAS. Otherwise my 3 x Play:5's are working normally - I can play TuneIn stations and Amazon Prime content fine. Anybody got any suggestions?
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Same "701 error" here. Hard to believe it's a network issue as the WiFi speed in my house is around 50mb for download/upload, and working just fine.

The "playlist play" seems buggy in my view. Same song works when played "individually", but it doesn't work via the playlist. Actually none of my playlists work anymore... But now while typing this message all of them started to work now. :?
Just as a note, since I don't know anything about the 701 error, usually when the Sonos system is complaining about network speed, it's talking about your local network, i.e. the wifi, and not the speed from your router to the outside world, so the 50Mb upload/download speed isn't the issue, it's the ability of your speakers to communicate with your router.
Having the same issue here - error 701 - full wifi speed +50MB. Sonos -fix this please!!
Same issue here 😞