Sonos One SL's crackle/static sounds

  • 5 April 2023
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I purchased a Sonos Beam gen 2 and 3 Sonos One SL’s speakers in Nov 2022 to be used around my house. The One SL’s are not connected to my system as surround speakers, the Beam is connected to a Samsung Smart TV. 

Since I purchased the system there has been an increasing amount of crackle/static pops coming from all 4 devices at various points. The Beam does not crackle when music is playing but does when streaming HBO Max.  The One SL speakers crackle consistently when streaming music from Spotify, SoundCloud and even from the Sonos Music service within the app. The One SL speakers are located all around the house, with various distances to my wifi router (upstairs office = farthest, kitchen = one room from wiif, basement = farthest). They all crackle with same frequency more or less. It happens whether I’m playing music to just one speaker or all 3. 

I have contacted Sonos several times to troubleshoot. We’ve tried decreasing streaming quality from Spotify, we’ve tried streaming music only through the Sonos App, we’ve tried enabling and disabling TruePlay, we’ve powered down my entire wifi router, we’ve tried powering down and up all of the speakers, we’ve removed a speaker from the system completely and re-added it.

My wifi connection is tested as consistently strong: 270 Mbps download avg. When I run a diagnostics through xfinity it says the wifi connection to all my Sonos devices is strong. 

I am lost on where to go from here and sad that my entire system is delivering this experience.

Any ideas?

Diagnostics sent: 181377887​​​​​​


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Hello @djbroo and welcome to Sonos Community!

Thank you for providing detailed information and diagnostics. After having a look, unfortunately your Sonos system reports multiple issues, something that the Community cannot easily help with and requires live troubleshooting.

For that I recommend reaching out to Sonos Support once more. A couple of things before contacting, if possible and for troubleshooting purposes:

  • Connect one of your Sonos One SL’s directly to your main router with an Ethernet cable. This will change how your Sonos system connects to your network.
  • Give it a couple minutes then test playing music to individual speakers or groups. Make sure to use the wired Sonos One SL when starting a group in the Sonos App, as it should have the best network connection at this point.
  • Finally after some testing, submit Diagnostics and note the number down.

Make sure to provide your case number and the latest diagnostics number, so that you don’t repeat any troubleshooting steps already taken from your previous contacts with our Support.

I hope this helps.