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  • 13 January 2023
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I understand this has been solved multiple times, however those are usually by people with airplay devices. I have an iPhone 8 and a IOS 16.1 update. I have just received a play one for Christmas and set it up. I am able to play music but I can only adjust the volume manually on my phone (the volume buttons on the side) while in the app. While on my lock screen I do not see the song nor can I control the volume via my phone. I have made sure to enable Lock Screen controls, turn on hardware volume control. I have tried multiple solutions such as toggling the controls and resetting devices, however it does not seem to work. I don’t believe it would be any airplay because I do not have any airplay devices. My tv is an older vizio and is not capable. I do not have a Roku. I’m just not sure why I’m unable to control unless in the app. 


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10 replies

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Read these limitations:


Lock screen controls will not appear in the following scenarios:

  • A non-Sonos AirPlay capable device is present.
    • To allow lock screen controls to appear when using Sonos, disable the AirPlay feature on all non-Sonos AirPlay endpoints such as Apple TVs or Apple AirPort base stations.
  • Another app on the iOS device is playing music or video.
  • While the iOS device is connected to a non-Sonos Bluetooth audio device.
  • VoiceOver is enabled.
  • Headphones are connected to the iOS device.

The limitations above do not apply when playing audio to Sonos using an app that supports Sonos direct control or when playing AirPlay audio directly to Sonos. We recommend using either of these options if the above limitations are preventing lock screen controls from appearing on your iOS device.

I read all the limitations, but it also says the limitations don’t apply if you’re using an app that supports Sonos direct control. I run Spotify through Sonos, an app with direct control, and still not available in the Lock Screen.

Any advice?

I have same issue

Lockscreen not working on any of my iphone (X and 12)

Before the last updates it was working perfectly on both phones.

None of the above limitations applies in my case so what is the issue?


I would like to add, when i open the application, i can’t even use the iphone’s buttons for sound control to adjust volume.

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Sonos has had to remove lock screen control for iPhones. It seems that they could not get it working reliably because Apple does not really allow lock screen controls for anything else than music players - and technically the Sonos app is a remote, not a music player.


Thank you
That’s really unfortunate

Another bad finding about Sonos products and rehability 

More of an indictment of Google / Apple than Sonos, I’d think, since they’re the ones forcing the change….but I could suppose you could blame Sonos for trying to find a workaround that would work until the ‘hole’ was closed by the operating system manufacturers, sure.

I have other music apps that can be controlled without any issue from lock screen. So seems weird sonos team can’t do same

Two different types of applications. The ones you’re talking about are music players, which operate on the device that the Lock Screen is on. Sonos is a remote control, affecting the player that runs on the Sonos system, not the device you’re using to control it. It’s why the controller device for Sonos can go away ( say in your pocket, when you leave the house), but the Sonos will continue to play, even without the controller being present.