Five Mount from Ceiling Beam

I want to get a Five, but I need to be able to mount it to a wooden ceiling beam. Basically, I can install screws straight upwards, but will still have the Five angled as though it’s on a traditional wall mount (as opposed to facing straight down from the ceiling). Is there a mount that will let me do this?


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Consider using some “L” brackets.

Thanks buzz. I think that would work!

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There are a lot of nice pre-made L brackets but depending on your room you might find a custom one, built to your exact needs and decor desires might be better.

Here our local welding shop loves odd requests as they are tired of the daily run of similar projects. Be flexible in when you need it so they can do it on down-time and the prices are often better.

Have them do all the shaping, welding and grinding and do the final cleanup and painting yourself and you’ll have an even more unique piece.