Using multiple sonos speakers at same time

  • 27 December 2016
  • 2 replies

Can different music be played on different sonos speakers in different rooms at the same time?

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2 replies

Yes. Multiple sources on many speakers, or the same source on all speakers, or any combination of the two. The only possible limitation is the number of multiple streams allowed by the provider (differs per service).
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Absolutely. You can name your speakers - or speaker sets so they are easy to identify. I will point out that you can assign speakers together e.g. like a stereo pair - so you have independent left and right channels - or 5.1 surround sound with a playbar and sub +2 other matching speakers. These sets will share one queue and volume control. The app lets you create a music queue for any speaker/set of speakers, you can group a bunch of speakers/sets together to play the same music on them (e.g. Whole house party) and adjust the volume of each speaker/set independently. If you "ungroup" speaker/sets the former music queue for the speaker/set will again be available undisturbed. This is what is so incredibly powerful about the system. I can watch TV in one room on 5.1, my wife watch tv in another, kids listen to music in another and when we want to have the whole house playing music in the background, the whole house has synchronized music playing throughout. The system is also very very "smart". if you had a grouped set of speakers playing music and you turn on the TV, the playbar and any speakers assigned to that set, automatically ungroup from the playing queue and switch to play the TV audio since they know that it their primary function. For me, it all seems to operate just as simply as it should.