UPA-7 Power Amp Trigger w/ Connect

  • 19 September 2012
  • 3 replies

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One of my zones uses a Connect and a 2 channels of a Emotiva UPA-7 power amp to drive NHT Absolute Zero speakers and 10d Sub.

The other 5 channels of the UPA-7 are driving my HT 5.1 setup and triggered by the Denon 3312-CI.

How can I trigger the UPA-7 when using the Connect zone?

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3 replies

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Had a chat with Emotiva regarding triggering the UPA-7 via the Connect and tech didn't know if it could be done since the Connect does not have trigger port.

Any suggestions on using the Connect with only a Power Amp and speakers?
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I've done the reading and it looks like the only solution for my setup is to leave the UPA-7 powered on all the time (not triggered by either the Denon or Sonos).

Wish Sonos would put a 12V Trigger on the Connect! Seems a request for this goes way back...

The NHT speakers I'm driving are not very efficient so they require about 100W/ch of real power even when playing at modest levels.

So, if I'm not willing to leave the UPA-7 powered 24/7 and the Connect:AMP doesn't have enough power:

What amp's are people using with the Connect these days that will auto-sense and/or trigger?