TuneIn: Choosing from different stream qualities.

  • 24 October 2013
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I'm using the TuneInApp for several years now on my smartphone, tablet, Mac and - of course - on my Sonos devices. iTunes offers hearers the possibility to choose from different stream qualities a radio station provides. It would be great if I also may choose them from within the Sonos controller apps. This may also practical when a user is on holidays: when the user takes his Sonos Play: loudspeaker with him 😉 and connects it to a mobile 3G/LTE router this could help saving bandwidth.

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36 replies

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+1 for this problem, if Sonos are interested in providing the best sound then they need to support the ability to deliver the highest bit rate available. The whole BBC incident just shows how fragile these platforms are. While video/Tv moves to ever higher resolution picture video sound/radio is going backwards with lower bit rates.
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How is this even a problem Sonos? Fixing it could hardly be more than a days programming.
I remember being able to search for stations on sonos by bit-rate, meaning I could choose to listen to some stations streaming as high as 320kbs. Why is this not the case anymore? I too made the mistake of thinking sonos was a high end product but Between this and their refusal to step-up and release a high res compatible version of their streamer I now find myself questioning where sonos sit in the market. For me it's time to invest in a high quality (hi-if) audio streamer. Good bye sonos
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+2 for this. Come on SONOS!!
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+a million for this. i listen to quite a bit of radio and streaming internet radio has the most noticeable poor quality when set to the lower bit rate. everything else i listen to on sonos sounds great. PLEASE allow us to choose the bit rate for radio!
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Having recently bought a SONOS Connect after having spent years with still functioning Logitech Squeezeboxes, I am quite surprised that the Squeezeboxes, not having been officially supported for 3 years, still manage to easily select bit rate for radio stations via the context menu of stations within their TuneIn app. This is just one example of many where the SONOS system lacks functionality that many other systems possess. And unlike some years ago when their only real competition was Slimdevices/Logitech, today there are new companies/products becoming available at a rapid pace. SONOS simply cannot afford to respond so slowly to requests to add simple functions that their increasing competition readily provides. Please add this function, I cannot believe it is that difficult to implement!
@reneallard IMO it isn't that it is difficult to implement, I think for sure they could. But that they make design decisions to keep the user facing software simple as possible. Development is slow and usually only include a few new items. This is why they are successful.

If the missing features are important you can plug a Squeezebox to a Sonos line in or use the squeeze2sonos/upnp LMS plugin.
This is really ridiculous! No change in two years!
Even my cars satnav (Merc C-Class) displays the bitrate and I can choose, which stream I'd like to listen.

Come on Sonos, make this finally happen! We want to see the bitrate of radio stations and mp3 files somewhere in the controller app and we also want to be able to choose from the different stream qualities provided by the radio stations (like in the TuneIn Radio App).
As far as I know it' s possible to google a station' s highest bitrate stream and enter that url manually, using the pc gui, and connect to that stream. elllroy
Is it really so difficult for the client-side ( Sonos ) to get the list of available bit-rates and sort it in the order that makes sense? Then use that ordered list to connect at the best available rate.
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It's pretty easy to add the url for the high bitrate stream as a custom radio station