Sonos Sub (Glossy) scratches ....

  • 11 October 2014
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Anyone else getting small swirls, long scratches on their sub.. even using the supplied Sonos cloth ??

Quite disappointed with the finish.

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3 replies


In my opinion, this is a characteristic of any black gloss product. The products look glorious on day one, but routine cleaning creates micro scratches that accumulate over time. Black glass will resist the scratches longer than other substrates.

The usual recommendation is to wipe the product with a dry cloth. While this is "safe" from a liability standpoint, I think that dry cleaning accelerates the accumulation of the inevitable micro scratches. A slightly dampened cloth will clean more efficiently and the dampness will act as a lubricant that will minimize the micro scratching. Another technique adds a little wax to the liquid. While this creates its own issues, possibly leaving a "haze", the wax will slow the accumulation of micro scratches and a slightly conductive wax will minimize the build up of the static electric charge created by the cleaning. Static charges attract dust. A decent home brew cleaning solution uses a damp, soft, clean cotton cloth. Don't use common paper towels because they often arrive with embedded abrasive particles. A dilute solution of dish washing liquid is a useful dampening agent. Use straight, parallel strokes as you swipe.

Another technique uses compressed gas to blow away the dust without touching the unit.
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Buzz is spot-on regarding a damp cloth versus a dry cloth or paper towel. I use my old worn cotton undershirts. I might also add that one should move the cloth lightly across the surface in one direction and not in a circular pattern.
Adding to an old thread...

Window cleaner spray (stuff in a trigger bottle) and a microfibre cloth will keep a plastic surface clean and pretty much swirl free, even acrylic.