Preferred USB C charger?

Hi I would appreciate it if anybody can offer advice on USB C PD chargers that work to charge the Move. I have purchased a 60w PD charger which on paper the specs should tally with those specified by Sonos but it doesn't work. 

Having read similar articles online I'm not the only one having issues with this. 

Can I say I am a little disappointed with Sonos having spent a lot of money on the Move I wouldn't expect to have to start forking out for expensive chargers in order to charge it on the move.

I appreciate the speaker will have a higher capacity battery than a mobile phone, but surely you would at least be able to trickle charge with a standard USB C cable / charger. 

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Sometimes it can be the cord and not the charger.

There is a good reference thread here:

Thanks for your reply but most of the links seem to link to the Poweradd adaptor that isn't available in the UK.

Has anybody used an adaptor available in the UK with success other than the MacBook charger as I haven't got a MacBook.

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I tried a RAVPOWER USB C charger I had sitting here I got off Amazon and worked fine.


It may be it can’t be a USB output and cable convert to USB-C   I have used a USB C to USB C cable so charger has USB C out.

Thank you. I've ordered one more lead (one with an E chip) to try with the Tommox charger I've purchased. Prob wishful thinking but I'll give the new lead a try and then look at replacing the charger if that fails.

Hi, if it assists anybody after trying a few chargers without success I've managed to find one that works ok for a reasonable price.

It seems to work with several different USB C to C leads I've tried 

Hope this saves someone some time.

Thank you. I've ordered one more lead (one with an E chip) to try with the Tommox charger I've purchased. Prob wishful thinking but I'll give the new lead a try and then look at replacing the charger if that fails.

can I ask which Tommox charger you tried and did the new USB cable solve the problem?


Hi, the first Tommox charger I purchased didn't work at all with any of the leads I tried..

The link above is a different Tommox charger which works fine with all the leads I've tried.

This may help others- After much fiddling about with a RavPower USB-C PD brick that outputs at levels “acceptable” to the Move but still wouldn’t charge it, I figured out that even though the move was the only device plugged into the charger and drawing power, the other port on the charger (with a lightening cable with no device connected) was causing the charger to output at 30W/30W rather than the 45W the Move needs.  Removing the lightening cable and plugging everything back in solved the issue.


Bottom line, if you have a multi-port charger, try it with only one cable connected.

These Anker products will charge the Move.  I purchased the charger first and could not get it to work initially.  I finally realized my cables were not sufficient.  The proper USB-C cable did the trick!

I finally figured out how to charge the damn thing

need 2 items -- 

 - 45w PD power bank (I use Anker 26800 45W PD)

 - USB c to USB c cable (I use Apple OEM)

while Sonos move is off … plug in USB c cable

turn on device

then plug other end of USB c cable into PD power bank

it should indicate it's charging if connected on WiFi on Sonos app



Recently purchased these and charging the Move successfully.


USB C to USB C Cable, Anker Powerline III USB-C to USB-C Fast Charging Cord (6 ft), 60W Power Delivery PD Charging for Apple MacBook, iPad Pro 2020, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus S9 S8 Plus, Pixel, and More

Anker USB C Charger, 65W PIQ 3.0&GaN Type-C Charger with a 45W PD Port, PowerPort III 3-Port 65W Charger with US/UK/EU Plugs for Travel, for MacBook, USB-C Laptops, iPad Pro, iPhone, Galaxy and More

ravpower RP-PB159 power bank with 45w power delivery charges the Move on-the-go

35$ on amzn


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Would this one be any good? I find all the numbers a tad confusing. 45w seems to fit the bill though? Decent deal including cable?